Spiritual Life at Enso Village

Spirituality is the part of our being that longs for meaning, purpose, healing, liberation, reverence, awe, or inspiration in order to access belonging in the deepest sense of the word. At Enso Village, we understand that each person accesses and expresses the spiritual dimension in their own unique way. At the same time, we celebrate how coming together in community can embolden spiritual exploration, enable the sharing of insights, and inspire the embodiment of compassion – all in service of one another.  As we age and evolve (differently and yet together), we seek to create a space of mutual support where we can ask life’s “tough questions;” move through the world with awareness; and slow down to connect to ourselves, each other, and the transpersonal.

Rock in water

Many of our Spiritual Life events will be resident-inspired and resident-led, and
therefore will adapt to interests in the community. All our offerings will be optional,
and we envision including:

  • Regular meditation sessions in the Zendo (both zazen sessions and sessions for more formless styles)
  • Contemplative discussion groups and conversational circles on various topics
  • Spiritual talks by guest teachers
  • Kirtan/devotional singing and chanting
  • Spiritual book clubs
  • Quaker community meetings
  • Weekend, 3-day, 7-day, or 10-day meditation retreats
  • Introductory classes on meditation
  • Mindful/silent eating
  • Mindful walking
  • Soto Zen Full Moon Ceremonies
  • Interfaith dialogue events with local spiritual leaders
  • Volunteer/service opportunities in the larger community
  • Opportunities to meet with a spiritual counselor 1-on-1 for emotional, spiritual, or grief support
  • Opportunities to offer compassionate companionship to residents who request it
  • Opportunities to take our Mindful Community Training course, designed by Zen Caregiving Project, and open to all residents who seek to dive deeply into the art of living in community with an awareness and an open heart.

In many ways, the spiritual life of each resident and team member will create the tone for the entire community. Together, with practice, we will find a way to build a Spiritual Life container that is flexible enough to celebrate the diversity of interests in the community, while strong enough to honor the vulnerability and depth of exploration we are all capable of.

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