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Lifelong Learning

A lesson a day.

Since its inception in 1971, Kendal has worked to transform the way society views aging and retirement, stressing the need for lifelong fulfillment and contribution in the later years of life. Efforts to continuously learn and grow have been nurtured by a number of partnerships and programs over the years, but none have been as important as the Lifelong Learning initiative.

A collaborative undertaking, the establishment of this program has helped to foster the natural outgrowth of Kendal’s commitment to continuing learning. We look forward to helping to seed the next generation’s growth as this program evolves at Enso Village.

Learning for Inspirement: Opportunities to learn and grow at Enso Village

Part of the Inspirement offerings at Enso Village include lectures, classes, discussions, and experiences related to topics of interest to residents. These include ongoing learning opportunities, as well as exposure to new ideas. If there is something you have always wanted to try or learn or if you have a skill you would like to teach, we find time on the calendar for it! Additionally, Enso Residents have opportunities to contribute to learning experiences for students at several colleges and universities through classes and projects. We believe lifelong learning is an essential contributor to quality of life and sense of purpose.

Learning from experience: volunteering at Enso Village

There are many ways to practice generosity here at Enso Village: giving of your time, material goods, money, energy, work, and love. And there is virtue in both giving away what you have and in allowing others to give by receiving. As spiritual director Susan O’Connell has said, it’s a reciprocal relationship in which the giving and receiving are interdependent.

As it is in the Buddhist tradition, service is core to the Quaker philosophy and puts into practice several of Kendal’s values, such as taking responsibility for our role in maintaining the larger communities in which we live and work, and fostering a culture of generosity, encouraging and developing full use of our time, talents, and resources.

How this commitment will come to be expressed and which communities or organizations will benefit from those efforts will be determined in large part by you, our future residents. We look forward to working together in order to create bonds and strengthen our whole community, both within the Enso Village campus as well as beyond.

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