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Frequently Asked Questions 

1. Where is the site? Is it possible to visit the site?

The site is in Healdsburg and, yes, it is possible to visit. The site is just north of the Simi Winery on the west side of Healdsburg Avenue on the north side of town. At present, the site is an open meadow. We ask that you not walk onto the property itself but you are free to view it from the roadside. Please be careful to park off the roadway and watch for traffic – drivers won’t expect parked cars or pedestrians in that area.

2. When will Enso Village begin taking deposits?

We will be taking Reservation Deposits—which generally equals 10% of the entrance fee for the specific residence being reserved—from Enso Village Priority Program Members once approval has been obtained from the State of California’s Department of Social Services. By that time, there will be an estimate of construction costs, which will enable us to establish pricing for residency at Enso Village. We anticipate being able to begin taking Reservation Deposits in 2020.

3. What is a Priority Program?

Enso Village is offering interested people the chance to place a fully-refundable, $1,000 deposit to join a Priority Program. The deposit will be applied towards the entrance fee if the depositors move ahead and will be refunded to them at any time should plans change. The benefits of joining the Priority Program are, primarily, placing oneself in a position to reserve from among the available residences when those plans become available in 2020. Other benefits include being the first to learn of new developments with Enso Village, and having the chance to attend social and informative events with other Priority Program members. More information will be shared in July to help you prepare for membership, should you choose to join.

4. What is the projected opening date?

At this point, a specific date isn’t on the calendar. We do hope to be open in 2023 but there are lots of things that can impact the schedule. As a Priority Program member, you would be kept up-to-speed as our plans crystalize.

5. What opportunities will there be to integrate Zen practice into everyday life?

Daily sittings, classes, practice groups, lectures and workshops will be available, although there will be no obligation to practice. There will be a meditation hall and retired Zen teachers will live in the community. In addition, it is anticipated that willing participants besides staff members (residents, for instance) will be trained in the practice of Contemplative Care.

6. Will this community be for San Francisco Zen Center practitioners, residents and teachers only?

Supporting a spirit of inclusion is a core value of this community. Therefore, everyone is welcome without regard to race, color, gender, sexual orientation, religion, national origin, disability, or any other characteristic protected by law. As a Kendal community, Enso Village will also operate in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act.

7. Will Enso Village own the land or lease?

Enso Village (incorporated as Kendal at Sonoma a Zen-Inspired Community LLC) is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization that will own the land.

8. What is the zoning for the remaining acres?

The acreage of which Enso Village is a part is being referred to by the City of Healdsburg as the North Entry Area Plan. There are a number of uses anticipated for the overall parcel including a boutique hotel, restaurant and workforce housing.

9. What measures will be taken to assess the risk of wildfires in the immediate area?

Wildfires are always a concern and recent experiences in our region are bringing special focus to reducing risk for new construction. All of our buildings will be constructed to the local code and nearly all of the structures will be concrete, glass and steel and fully “sprinklered.” Special arrangements are being made to enable fire equipment access to every part of the property. There will be a disaster preparedness policy and constant training of all staff in order to ensure resident safety.

10. What if I have long-term care insurance?

Many residents who have long-term care insurance and require assisted living, memory support or skilled nursing services may be able to apply their insurance benefits to services at Enso Village. Residents can contact their insurance representatives directly to further explore how their long-term care insurance benefits may be applied.

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