Frequently Asked Questions 

1. Where is Enso Village? Is it possible to visit?

The site is in Healdsburg, CA and, yes, it is possible to visit. We are just north of the Simi Winery on the west side of Healdsburg Avenue on the north side of town. We ask that you not walk onto the property itself but you are free to view it from the roadside. In the meantime, we hope you will visit us at our preview center, which is open daily at 435 Allan Court, Healdsburg, CA 95448.

2. When will Enso Village begin taking deposits?

We are currently taking Reservation Deposits on available residences. These deposits equal 10% of the entrance fee for the specific residence being reserved. This deposit is completely risk free, fully-repayable with interest and provides additional benefits and opportunities as an Enso Circle member.

3. Is Enso Village open?

Enso Village is now open for residents, family and scheduled visitors only. Future residents and depositors are currently working with our team to personalize their residences with their choice of flooring, fixtures, finishes and other features. Reservations are still being accepted for a limited number of remaining residences. Contact us by phone at 707-875-6608 to schedule a conversation or visit us at enso.kendal.org to learn more.

4. What opportunities will there be to integrate Zen practice into everyday life?

While Zen practice is intrinsic to our community, it is not a requirement and we welcome all religious and philosophical choices and traditions at Enso Village.

Daily sittings, classes, practice groups, lectures and workshops will be available to those who chose to participate. There will be a meditation hall and retired Zen teachers will live in the community. In addition, staff members and interested residents will be trained in the practice of Contemplative Care, a partnership approach that draws on the transformative mutuality of caregiver and care receiver.

5. Will this community be for San Francisco Zen Center practitioners, residents and teachers only?

In a word, no. While we expect Zen practitioners to embrace Enso Village, as well as enrich our culture immensely, supporting a spirit of inclusion and fostering diversity are core values of our community. Therefore, everyone is welcome without regard to race, faith, religion, gender, sexual orientation, national origin, disability, or any other characteristic protected by law. In short, we are open to all who are open to aging mindfully and living joyfully in a beautiful and sustainably designed environment. And as a Kendal affiliate, Enso Village will also operate in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act.

6. Will Enso Village own the land or lease?

Enso Village (incorporated as Kendal at Sonoma a Zen-Inspired Community LLC) is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization that will own the land.

7. What is the zoning for the remaining acres?

The acreage of which Enso Village is a part is being referred to by the City of Healdsburg as the North Entry Area Plan. There are a number of uses anticipated for the overall parcel including a boutique hotel, restaurant and workforce housing.

8. What measures will be taken to assess the risk of wildfires in the immediate area?

Because the safety and well-being of  residents is our first and foremost priority at all times, in the event of a wildfire, earthquake or other natural event, Enso Village has a detailed set of plans that includes a potential evacuation. Supplies will be at the ready and backup generators will be in place to power our community as well as our vehicle charging stations. Our staff will be repeatedly trained to manage and assist in the safe and orderly relocation of every resident and the community will implement regularly scheduled practice drills with residents to ensure that all of us are familiar with and ready to implement Enso Village’s Emergency Operation Plan (EOP). This plan,  in its final form, will be submitted for approval to the State of California Department of Social Services. The plan is a public document, available to anyone upon request and has been created in partnership with local first responders and state agencies.

9. What if I have long-term care insurance?

Many residents who have long-term care insurance and require assisted living, memory support or skilled nursing services may be able to apply their insurance benefits to services at Enso Village. Residents can contact their insurance representatives directly to further explore how their long-term care insurance benefits may be applied.

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