Leadership Team

Enso Village’s Leadership Team members are responsible for providing for the present and preparing for the future. Both are necessary for meeting the needs of residents and team members while securing the ongoing financial strength of the community. The Leadership Team ensure that all areas of our community are aligned with the mission and values of our organization.

We invite you to learn about the Enso Village Leadership Team. Click on each card to explore their backgrounds and their roles at the community.

Doug Helman

Doug Helman

Interim CEO

Adam Bulatewicz


Erin Partridge

Erin Partridge

Head of Inspirement

Kyle Evans

Executive Chef

Florence Van Heusden

Health & Wellbeing Director

Darcy Wallace

Director of Facilities

Jennifer Horne

Senior Staff Accountant

Nick Flores

Head of Marketing & Communications

Tammy Moratto

Director of Sales

Karen Amandoli

Marketing Coordinator

Leslie Thiele

Sales Counselor

Roberta Murray

Sales Counselor

Fur, Feathers, & Scales

The Enso Village Team members are also proud parents of some lovely and adorable companions.