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Community Overview

Where we’re coming from

Set amid the hills and vineyards of Sonoma County, Enso Village is a collaboration between the San Francisco Zen Center, a landmark of American Zen practice, and Kendal Corporation, a visionary provider of retirement community services founded on Quaker principles.

Open to all who are open to life.

While Zen practice is welcome here, so are all faiths and philosophies. Enso Village is open to all who are open to aging mindfully and living joyfully in a beautiful and sustainably-designed environment. From gardens to kitchens to meditation spaces and even in its assisted living and memory care residences, Enso Village inspires a spirit of connection, compassion and mutual respect that embraces residents of all backgrounds and beliefs.

Why a Zen-inspired community?

We have always been a generation of seekers; curious and actively questioning. Zen as it has traveled from India, to China, to Japan and now here to the West, has provided a steady basis of silent meditation and teachings for 2,500 years that allow us to respond to our environment in an awake and skillful way.

We see no reason to be any less engaged now in the investigation of what contributes to a healthy and fulfilled life. A Zen-inspired retirement community nurtures this curiosity, foster mindful living and offer opportunities for personal growth among people and spiritual teachers who want to make meaningful and authentic connections.


Other offerings and opportunities.

Enso Village includes 221 independent living, 30 assisted living, and 24 memory care residences.

Amenities include:

  • Greens-inspired Café/Bistro
  • Restaurant
  • Private Dining
  • Alfresco Dining
  • Zendo Meditation Hall
  • Tea Room
  • Makers Space
  • Performance Venue
  • 15-Acre Campus with Over Two Miles of Tranquil Paths
  • Indoor, Heated Pool and Hydrotherapy Spa
  • Fitness Center
  • Yoga Room/Lawn
  • Acupuncture/Massage/Rehabilitation Therapy
  • Electric Car Charging Stations
  • Guest Suite

Enso Village is committed the attaining the highest possible standards for energy and environmental sustainability. We are exploring an action plan guided by Bioregional’s One Planet Living framework, which includes a commitment to extremely high environmental standards.

Programs & Activities

Here it begins.

In the heart of Sonoma’s wine country along the Russian River, Enso Village is set on fifteen acres of open space surrounded by gently sloping hills, vineyards and woodlands. Throughout our campus, a variety of recreational, wellness and fitness programs are provided, and community members will organize virtually all aspects of social, cultural, intellectual and spiritual life.

At Enso Village, Inspirement is an intentional term with which you may not be familiar. So let us explain how what you encounter here is different.

Traditional or stereotypical “activities” programs often focus on the superficial level, with goals of occupying time, being ‘busy’ or appearing engaged. “Life Enrichment” moves beyond “activities” in that it does shift more focus onto improving lives and responding to interests, but, by the name itself, assumes a lack—something is missing, and therefore needs to be supplemented or fixed. 

Inspirement is about acknowledging all that is, and collaborating to move towards a creative, dynamic future. What do people want to learn? What do they want to enjoy and relish? What are they/or might they be curious about? How are we part of the surrounding community? How are we connected to the larger world? Inspirement is about much more than what is on the calendar, though we have interesting things on our calendars! 

Events and opportunities. Excursions and seminars. Performances, clubs and classes. Discussion forums and guest lectures. From your home at Enso Village, the world is yours to discover and explore.

The following groups and programs are alive at Enso Village, and will evolve with community member interests and ideas:

Educational/Entertainment Events:

• Weekly Dharma Talks
• Daily Meditation
• Concerts and Performances
• Cultural Events and Outings
• Life Long Learning Classes
• Current Events Discussion Groups
• Research Opportunities 

Special Interest Groups:

• Contemplative Living Volunteer Groups
• Tea Ceremony
• Book Discussion Groups
• Dharma Study Groups
• Visual Arts (2-D & 3-D)
• Photography Groups
• Technology Exploration
• Horticulture/Gardening
• Nature Conservancy
• Writing and Poetry Groups
• Social Games


• Hiking/Walking/Biking Groups
• Forest Therapy
• Strength Training
• Tai Chi
• Yoga
• Support Groups
• Creative Arts Therapy
• Mindfulness Classes
• Aquatic Classes

Start your journey here.

Our staff is here to answer any questions or concerns you may have about life at Enso Village. Just leave your contact information and we’ll gladly reach out to help you.