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Continuing Care

A life plan.

Enso Village will be a Continuing Care Retirement or Life Plan Community. Life Plan Communities are licensed and regulated by the State of California and are attractive because one can move in and remain completely independent. However, if health issues arise in the future, one has the comfort of knowing that excellent, high-quality care is as convenient as a short walk down the hallway. And, as an added benefit, because of our licensing and our commitment to aging mindfully, Enso Village will be able to provide extensive care to residents within their home.

How we plan to care.

As a Life Plan Community, Enso Village will offer a continuum of care services available to residents, including assisted living and memory support. In accordance with the principles of Contemplative Care, those services will be delivered with grace, compassion, personal engagement and an acceptance of the realities of aging.

Assisted living and memory support programs are planned to meet the future long-term needs of residents. It is anticipated that skilled nursing services will be coordinated for residents with local, high-quality providers. Every effort will be made to offer services in the home.

At Enso Village, that care will be provided by staff members you know and who know you.

What is Continuing Care?

Continuing Care Communities such as Enso Village provide residents with a “continuum of care,” which typically begins with an Independent Living Residence but also includes access to healthcare services such as assisted living, memory care, and/or skilled nursing, if and when required.

Importantly, for our residents, the cost of those services will be partially covered by their monthly fees and will almost certainly be substantially lower than what they would pay for comparable care at an independent assisted living or skilled nursing facility.

A contemplative care approach.

One of the key components that will make Enso Village so special is our enlightened approach surrounding care.

Contemplative care is an approach to care giving that incorporates mindfulness practice, compassionate action, and moment-to-moment awareness while in relationship with the one being cared for. It is rooted in Buddhist practices of meditation and contemplation.

Start your journey here.

Our staff is here to answer any questions or concerns you may have about life at Enso Village. Just leave your contact information and we’ll gladly reach out to help you.