We make decisions with an awareness of how our actions impact the earth. Our activities flow from our deep connection with and responsibility to the natural world, in recognition that it is not separate from us. We commit to environmental stewardship built on clear, measurable objectives and outcomes.

Sustainability as a Guiding Principle

The Board launched this project some 5 years ago. They declared that sustainability has been integral to the comfort and health of our residents through our choice of construction materials, building standards, and, most importantly, the way we will live within Enso Village.

Embracing the urgent responsibility to reduce emissions, experimenting with capture technology, optimizing demand timing, and exploring other strategies reflects our dedication to Enso Village’s foundational values and our Mission.

The sustainability journey of Enso Village covers three phases:


  • Building in accordance with strict guidance associated with the California Green Bonds
  • Diverting waste from the landfill
  • Carefully managing and filtering water run-off
  • Removing all “red-listed” products from the materials list
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Move-In Operations

  • Managing the cardboard produced through the move-in process and diverting plastic film to recycling programs
  • Encouraging use of electric vehicles and bikes
  • Reducing food related costs by more wise recipe development, ordering, preparation and plating
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On-Going Operations

  • Reducing single-person car trips of 5 miles or less
  • Modifying our use of power alongside our local utility provider to sync our demand with their supply
  • Increasing the amount of all-type reuse and upcycling across the campus
  • Contributing to growing food sustainably locally to reduce food insecurity and reduce the carbon intensity of food delivery

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