Enso Illuminated - September

This event has passed.

Friday, September 22nd, 2023

Living fully in the present includes caring for your future.

If you’re wondering whether Enso Village is right for you, that’s a very good sign that it is.

Few of us ever feel ready and motivated to relocate, even to a setting as inviting as Enso Village. As fit and active adults, we rightly resist what we might perceive as a step away from the autonomy we cherish and the home where our fondest memories reside.

But it’s not our address that determines the value of daily life; it’s our outlook. And here at Enso Village, there are simply no limitations. Many will continue to work and travel, to teach and learn. Most will pursue their personal passions and entertain friends and family. And all will feel free to do so with a renewed sense of security and the confidence that comes with knowing that they, and those they love, are free from the doubts and anxieties of aging in isolation.

Ironically, it’s just the kind of thoughtful people who contemplate decisions carefully that will feel most at home here at Enso Village.

It’s time to discover it for yourself. Please join us for a gathering and conversation with refreshments on Friday, September 22 at 10:30 a.m. (the 2 p.m. event is full) at the Enso Village Preview Center, 435 Allan Ct., Healdsburg, CA 95448. Refreshments will be served at each event. Please RSVP using the registration form below or call 707.659.0424 to reserve your space.