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Vitalize 360

A full circle approach

Vitalize 360 is a healthy aging coaching platform offered in senior living communities around the country and designed by the Kendal Corporate & Hebrew Senior Life, a Harvard Medical School Affiliate.  Residents of Enso Village will enjoy the optional benefit of engaging regularly with a well-being coach to develop an inspiring and engaging personalized well-being plan. Vitalize 360 coaching is a pathway to revisit these 3 questions regularly:

  • What’s my life like today?
  • What matters most to me today?
  • What’s my plan today (to thrive?)

Personal coaching offers an opportunity to hone and clarify the drivers of meaning, purpose and “whole-person” health in one’s life.  Personal reflections, evidence based assessments, and meaningful conversations are tools used by resident and coach together. This coaching relationship continues for many years.  As life continues to evolve, Vitalize 360 coaching is an opportunity to revisit, reflect and recommit to remaining connected to what matters in life.

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